"I have no doubt that Empower with Code will prove to be one of the most important organizations to the youth of the Central Valley for the next decade. Coding will be one of the most sought after skills employers will seek in the next part of this century, and the talented visionaries and staff of this incredible organization will empower today’s kids with the tools and confidence to explore vast opportunities in their careers. If you’re a parent, do your kids a favor, and give them the much needed exposure today into the skills of tomorrow!"

Ryan Drakos, MBA

Sr. Credit Analyst

Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds LLC.


"...It was truly our pleasure to assist, and we were very impressed by your organization, your personnel, and by you as the leader! If we can assist again in the future, please just let us know. We are inspired by your mission and goals, and we want to do what we can to help you reach them!"

John B. Stark

Interim Dean

CSUB School of Business & Public Admin.


"Thank you so much for all the effort that you guys put in this computer coding course It was educating; I actually love the fact that it was held in the CSUB campus that gave the Children the opportunity to experience going to college. That gave them the motivation to graduate high school and continue their higher education.. Thank you"

Dima E. Shahin

Future Coder's Mom


"A must for the leaders of tomorrow. I'm thrilled we have a program of this caliber in Bakersfield for our kids!"

Nina Ha

Dreamer at Superha & Co.

Former Eyewitness News - BakersfieldNow and KMTR